Baseball Bat

"Join or Die"

The "Join or Die" baseball bat is wood-burned or 'tatoo'd' by hand with the segmented snake first introduced by Benjamin Franklin(yes that Benjamin Franklin) and then painted. This illustration has served in many rallying cries for unity and freedom over the centuries and is a central part of American lore.

Each Pillbox baseball bat is crafted and painted at our shop in Winona, Minnesota. Constructed of solid ash the "Join or Die" model is 34 inches long and emblazoned with the Pillbox Bat Co. mark just above the grip. Hang it on the wall or lather up the pine tar and put 'er to use in a pickup game with the folks around your cul-de-sac. Playball!

Turned, painted and hand-wood-burned at the Pillbox workshop - Winona, MN USA
Made in the USA
Bat Length: 34"
Wood-Type: Solid Ash
Finish: Clear Coat of Urethane