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Hey Ladies

We're adding in womenswear this fall. It's something we have considered doing for quite some time, and finally (Kat got her way) we decided to do it. A lot of our friends who sell their goods at NG already have women's lines so that made it pretty easy. But there are some new faces we are excited about.

Let's start off by highlighting a few brands you may not know yet. Like Dusen Dusen - made in NYC. Rest assured Gents, we still have your needs covered. But now when you attend a Northern Grade, you and your lady will both leave satisfied. Which is always the goal, right? 


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The Women of Northern Grade


Do you read N'East Style? We've been working on a series called The Women of Northern Grade with Christine from NES and it's been a blast. We are planning to add in women's gear and clothing this fall, so stay tuned gals. We got you covered. And be sure to follow the Pinterest Board for some inspiration. If you have anyone you would like to submit, feel free to email us at info @ northern grade.com. 


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